Freelance writer. Contributing editor to THE BAFFLER. Correspondent, book critic and erstwhile books columnist for THE BOSTON GLOBE.  As seen in BOSTON MAGAZINE, BOOKFORUM, THE COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW, HARPER'S MAGAZINE, THE NATION, THE TOAST, and VICEamong other placesFormer staff writer for THE BOSTON PHOENIX (R.I.P.).

I grew up in Chicago where I worked in bookstores for a little over a decade (here's what I made of it) and wrote for a number of small publications that no longer exist. After seven years in Massachusetts, I could no longer tune out the siren song of my beloved home, and so I returned. 

You can read an interview with me in the University of Chicago alumni magazine here and watch me discuss books while sitting awkwardly by a swimming pool here. I appeared on Sam Seder's "The Majority Report" to discuss my last piece for Harper's Magazine and on the WBUR show "Radio Boston" to talk about the weekend I tried and failed to avoid the internet.